SohanS Group has an array of businesses in various industries & sectors across the Asia Pacific regions.

The group is headquartered in Singapore with strong presence in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong/China & UAE.

Group Core Businesses

Anticipating that the new order in the world economy will jolt up the present style of business operation, the Group through its various subsidiaries & partners, re-defined its core business to

Equity & Investments

Real Estate


International Trade





# Good mix of Young & Experienced Members

# 4th Generation of Family Members

# Strong Professional Advisors

# Forward –Thinking

Impressive Strengths

# More than 100 year History

# Good Standing history
# Diversified Business Portfolio

# Singaporean Owners

# Strong Asset Base
# Consistent Passive Income
# Technologically Advanced & Low Labour Dependency

# Vast Network of Customers & Suppliers
# Experienced & Forward Looking Leadership
# Strong Shareholders
# Dedicated & Motivated Team of Staff

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