About Us


The dawn of the new world order sees our century old group moving into a new era.  


The globalized world of today has but a faint resemblance to the world in which our founders worked.


While in the past areas of business were mainly localized, we see ourselves taking on a global presence through rapid use of technology.


Our group is constantly innovating to stay ahead of the challenges of the new world economy.

With the new generations joining the ranks, we stay ever optimistic of the exciting future.


In this new economic order we still do not forget our tradition, values & heritage.


Our founders’ paramount humble and enterprising ways continue to stay at the heart of the group, guiding us in our conduct.

We will continue to innovate and strive for excellence.

Message from the Chairman

Mohindar Singh Thakral


SohanS Group


Singapore based Group
Founded on principles of Trust, Honesty and Diligence

At the core level a closely held concern, with its early strengths in trading & investments.

Diversified business activities – From Trading & Manufacturing to Investments & Real Estate


Our founder Mr. Sohan Singh Thakral came from India to Bangkok at the tail end of nineteenth century at a very young age to seek greener pastures in Thailand.

With only sincerity and hard work as his two arms, he had toiled initially until he found his strength in the textile business in 1905. 

Thereafter the growth of the business has been steady and progressive.

Under the guidance of the ever-enterprising and foresighted Mr. Sohan Singh Thakral, the business spread to many countries and is firmly established today.

Mr. Sohan Singh Thakral, was not an ordinary businessman solely interested in the welfare of his own Group, but was always conscious of service to the society, originating from his humble beginnings. His contributions to the social causes and various charities spanning across several communities speak for his nobility. 

SohanS group is now headed by his youngest son, Mr. Mohindar Singh Thakral and is headquartered in Singapore. The equally adept Mr. Mohindar Singh Thakral, while ensuring the growth of the group has also prepared the group to take on the challenges of the millennium through prudent expansion in new allied areas.

SohanS Group, is proud that this tradition is followed even today coexisting with the development of the business. 


To be the most admired and respected business group


Excellence through continuous innovation, strategic growth, co-operation and harmony

Guiding Principles & Philosophy

  1. Sincere, Honest & Hardworking in every endeavor

  2. Continuously Learn as we Earn

  3. Humble yet boldly Visionary

  4. Ever Optimistic & Enterprising

  5. Respect & Loyalty to God, Family & The Nation

  6. Conduct our business Fairly, Ethically & with Equality

  7. Continuous Innovation while Upholding Tradition & Heritage

  8. Sharing & Caring for the Welfare of all

Providing Guidance Since 1905